what they needed

The American truck driver is the hero and real reason for everything that Konexial does. These men and women move 80% of the freight in America, and are responsible for the arrival of all of the things that we use everyday. Konexial can be summed up into two words... Drive LIFE. They are committed to creating technology to enable driver to improve their lives. This is why Konexial turned to Clutch Studio for development of the MY20 app. The goal of the app was to take the truckers daily life on the road and put into a simple, easy to use system that they could access with the touch of their finger. The app needed to integrate features such as the truckers daily logs, loads, maps and time clock all into one convenient tool.

our solution

An easy to use ELD, or electronic logging device, with basic, yet powerful features based on Bluetooth technology. This ELD works hand-in-hand with the MY20 app to track and record all of the important information needed from the trucker and the truck so that they remain in compliance with the FMCSA. The design of the MY20 application follows best practices for both iOS and Android interfaces while also creating a unique and recognizable stand-alone brand.


the results

A mobile app that bridges the gap from old to new. The trucker no longer has to waste time with traditional paper logging a reporting. Making the change easy for the end user has always been the main goal, and with a simple design flow and intuitive interface, customer interaction has been well received. Integrating the latest technology, Clutch Studio has streamlined every aspect of the app. From facial and fingerprint recognition to Bluetooth device integration, the entire app produces a streamlined work day for the trucker. With new users every day Clutch has provided a stabile and easily affordable initial application that is well-poised for additional top-quality version launches.


essential screens


logs screen


Time clock screen


Annotation screen


Maps screen

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