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At the core of Clutch is the heart to develop great mobile apps so we recognize a good social media platform when we see one. We appreciate the subtle nuances while avoiding the flash and fads. Clutch can tell your story in the most cost effective new formats, giving you a crucial advantage.

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My20 combines simple, powerful, and productive features to create an all-in-one tool that will streamline every facet of the drive. The MY20 app keeps the driver compliant with a simple to use interface that allows the user to maximize potential earnings.

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Riverfest is one of the largest annual events that takes place in Wichita Kansas. The 2017 Riverfest app compiled all of the events that took place within the 2017 Riverfest and presented it to the user in a clean, fun and simplistic application.

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NetWork Kansas is devoted to the growth of entrepreneurship and small businesses throughout Kansas. The KS Eship app helps to connect users to valuable resources like capital, classes and local connections in a streamlined and intuitive fashion.

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Best Mobile App Developers

KingFit is a mobile app that delivers diabetes education to the palm of your hand. Unlike other diabetes apps, KingFit is the only solution that allows you to press two buttons to start learning from a certified diabetes educator for free.

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Clutch Studio is located in Wichita Kansas, and although we are right in the middle of it all, we have a world wide reach. With developers in countries like Costa Rica and Argentina Clutch Studio has the resources and world knowledge to take on any challenge that is laid out in front of us. As our culture and ethos suggests we will always stay humble and hustle hard.


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